Incoming Managers: Premier League

Among this group of managers is a lot of experience from abroad, a couple of Champions League winners and a two-time Championship promotion victor. This is the fourth and final part of Incoming Managers.

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McCarthy Bites as Ipswich Fans Grow Restless

Never one to shy away from sharing his honest opinion, Mick McCarthy is a great source of sound bites for journalists reporting on his teams.  Apparently, unrest has begun to emerge from Ipswich fans due to a mediocre start to the season.  In true McCarthy fashion, the manager was forthcoming with his thoughts on the matter, and articulated his point of view with the usual colourful language.  More often than not his comments are expressed with plenty of good humour, but on this occasion he became defensive at the opinions emanating from what is surely a minority section of supporters.  Is there any substance to this rare criticism, or does the manager of nearly four years have every right to defend himself?

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